About Us

Who we are

SC Cleaning was formed in late 2019 following a conversation in a Chester pub over lunch.  Having been a cleaning manager for 3 years it was time to go it alone.  After 8 months of planning, researching and getting as much advice as possible on how to run a business, what products to use and learning about different cleaning methods, as well as a few freebie cleaning sessions for friends and family we realised that SC Cleaning was ready to be launched and we haven’t looked back.

SC Cleaning is a company who care about their clients and nothing is too much trouble.  Some of our more elderly clients enjoy the company and look forward to our visits for a chat and cup of tea once the cleaning has been done.

Meet The Team

Rachel Stone


Rachel has spent a 25+ year career as a PA for various company directors around the UK in the financial, retail and housing sector before changing her career in 2016 to be a cleaning manager for a major supermarket, managing a team of 10 employees.  Rachel loves being her own boss and meeting so many wonderful clients.

Frank Kenny


Frank has spent the majority of his career in different trades from labouring, refuse and recycling collector, car valeting, window cleaner, wagon driver and supermarket cleaner.  He is now putting his skills to good use within SC Cleaning and works alongside Rachel.  As a registered disabled person who suffers from arthritis in his knees, he is finding that being active is helping his condition. On bad days he can be a bit slower but does not drop his cleaning standards.

We have a great team of people that we can call on, often at short notice to help out on bigger jobs and some are actually looking to work with us permanently in the future